The Northeast region is, first of all, the region of virgin nature. Here, not far from Kolasin city, the National Park Biogradska Mountain with the large forest and six beautiful glacial lakes is situated. To the South from Kolasin there is a very interesting for trekking Mrtvica River canyon. Near town Moikovac, in the middle flow of the Tara River, there is a National forest reserve Crna Poda. Here on the rocks the unique high (about 40 m) and old (up to 500 years) black pines are growing.

North of MontenegroAnother place of interest in this region is, of course, the less studied mountains in Europe Prokletije (Damned). The main part of this mountain-mass is situated in Albania and the less part in Montenegro. The Prokletije Mountains were the subject of strong erosion that caused very queer and strange forms of rocks. There are numerous glacier lakes of different size and depth here. The Plav Lake is the biggest among them. The shore of this lake is also the mostly populated. During last several years a large number of cottages and pensions was constructed here, but not many guests still come to this region.

Some historic memorials should be mentioned here. First of all a large monastery Moraca, that was found at the gorge Platie in 1252. In the monastery's Church of The Our Lady's Assumption you can admire the restored frescos of the XII century. The most known of them is "The raven feeding Elijah the Prophet". In several km from Mojkovac, 1100 m above the sea level, you can find the ruins of Dubrovnik's settlement of XIII-XIV, hidden in forests. The name of this ancient settlement is Brescoa. Not long ago archaeologists have found old silver mine and a foundation of fortress here. In 1399 this settlement was seized by the Turks, in 1433 the last citizens had left this place.

Not far from Kolasin the second large ski resort in Montenegro Bjelasica is situated. It is very popular for its high but rather gentle slopes.

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